Happy Birthday Martha Stewart!


A birthday grilled cheese, courtesy of wonktheplank

When you find out you share a birthday with someone famous, you inevitably feel as if you have some kind of mystical connection to them. Even if the celebrity in question is a former extreme cage fighter who made a second career hosting in vacuum infomercials, deep down you think that maybe, just maybe, you share something special with them.

So, while I know that it’s a bit ridiculous, I’ve always been rather proud of the fact that I share a birthday with one and only Martha Stewart.

Yes, that’s right, it’s her birthday (and mine) today.

Much has been made of this connection between me and Martha in my family. My mother has always held that this was the reason for my love of all things domestic, and the theory nicely explained why I poured over Martha Stewart Living as a child with the obsessiveness that my peers reserved for memorizing episodes of Saved By The Bell.

So Martha, here’s a virtual toast to you. Without your inspiration, I doubt I would have attempted half the domestic feats that I have. Including this one:


The completed Lavender Lemon Honey Cake. Details of its successes and failings will be expounded upon in another post. Too many things went wrong-and right-for one meager entry to detail.



  1. Nonna said

    Martha would be proud! Let them eat cake!

  2. Joellen said

    I can’t wait to hear about the cake. It looks great!!

  3. Elena said

    Having had a chance to actually experience this cake, I can say it was a delicious creation and deserves recognition on this blog. The mousse was light, yet was able to support the cake. The frosting was silky, but not too buttery. The layers were a nice white, not too sweet, but sweet enough. I loved the lemon/honey combo. The cake was perfectly balanced and the best I’ve had. Nice work Jenna! Oh yes, and Happy Birthday!!

  4. […] mousse Many of you wanted to know just what happened with the great Lavender Lemon Honey Cake, since I didn’t go into particulars on my birthday. After all, there are days when you want to discuss the dirty details of your baking escapades, and […]

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